Photography by Regina-Marie Mountjoy



Ileana Moya loves nature, the broad biodiversity of her country, and sharing both of these  with people on the streets or in workshops of relational art, to help making conscious about the beauty in nature design and color and the urgency to save our planet.


She is always exploring new techniques and materials, developing her own inks and papers for printing. 


She was an invited artist for one year at NYU at Krishna Reddy´s Color Printing Atelier, and traveled every year for thirteen years spending part of summer vacations at Milan at Grafica Uno, Giorgio Upiglio´s Workshop, master editor in Printmaking.


She has been involved at the University of Costa Rica in fibers researches. She has been working as paper consultant in paper converting, giving advice about handmade paper and industrial banana paper for stationery and  journals’ bookbinding by Costa Rican rural women.


Ileana lives and works in her native Costa Rica.